Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poetry Free-Write

The art of palpation
touching the body and soul
of a patient, a person
a soul that longs for healing

a soul that breathes inside
of malleable bone
and muscle tension

a soul that longs for...

And what does the physician feel?
Do they try to feel?
Do they believe in feeling...
with their hands...
with their hearts???

Can they feel a bone out of place?
Can they feel a muscle strained?
Can they feel a reflex tender point
of an organ in disarray?
Can they feel a patient?
Can they palpate and heal with their hands?

I desire to be a physician who feels
a physician who sees heart, soul, bone,
fascia, fury, fear, muscle, and meekness
all with my hands
and to cure with my hands
and a kind, compassionate word
and a... medicine? surgery?
Only if need be.
For I believe
that the patient's body will progess towards healing
if given the permission to heal itself
if put in the position to heal itself

Oh to palpate a history
Oh to palpate a physical
Oh to palpate a diagnosis
Oh to promote healing
Of heart, mind and soul
in the patient and myself!