Friday, November 30, 2007

Ahhh, Welcome to the insanity!

So welcome to my world! My name is Rick and I am medical student. If that sounds like an A.A. introduction well, it almost is. You see, many people might find a personal flaw in somebody who is intentionally forking over $150,000+ over four years so that they can:
1. Study all the time
2. Spend less time with their family, friends and hobbies
3. Take 1-3 'final equivalent' exams each week
4. Dissect and learn every (and I do mean every) part of a noble (and I do mean noble) body donor.
5. Learn a job where the majority of their income comes from health insurance companies and the government.

But the kicker is that I am going to be a doctor, hopefully even a healer. I take that seriously despite my joking. In the future people will come to me at their weakest points and I will have the amazing privilege of helping guide them back to strength! Not only that, but I get to educate them about the miracles taking place every second within their bodies! To me, that makes it worth the hardships of applying to, and surviving medical school. Thus, you have now seen my heart fully exposed!

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Burnsy said...

It beats writing grants and being rejected all the time.
Your undergraduate mentor.