Friday, December 14, 2007

Crawling to the finish line

Well, I've met my match. Throughout my collegiate career I always managed to hold off until Christmas break to get sick. But not this year! Not only am I breaking my trend, I'm now on my second cold in the last month. Of course my mind has decided to try and formulate some reasons for this new found immunological breakdown...

1. I'm 28, not 25, or 21. Apparently I'm not invincible... who knew?
2. The 4 month long finals week.
3. 5 exams over a 10 day period just wasn't enough challenge... "Go big or go home!"
4. Woot. (certain people will understand)
5. Several months of sniffing formaldehyde in the anatomy lab has convinced my body that it is, in fact, dead.
6. Speaking of anatomy lab... a thorough dissection of the male genitalia has been shown to have all sorts of side effects in male medical students (i.e. mild-to-moderate depression, lower abdominal/inguinal pain, deep feelings of disloyalty to one's team).
7. Bacteria and Viruses thrive in moister environments... There's more humidity in Des Moines than Colorado... THEREFORE... humidity kills! There, I said it.

I need a cough drop... and a hug.

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