Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Baby's First Story

Last night I read my baby its very first story. In my mind I know that the baby, our first child, cannot actually hear my words at 16 weeks in the womb. But deep down part of me wants and needs to bond with my child, and to begin sharing my world with him or her (we are not finding out the sex). The story that I read is called, "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado. It tells the story of a little white lamb with spots of black wool and a crippled leg. These differences cause the lamb to be left out by the other lambs. It also causes him to be left behind in a stable when the shepherds take the flock to the next valley to graze. He feels so left out and lacking in purpose. While in that stable, a young couple arrives and the woman gives birth to a little baby. The night is cold and the baby begins to cry. The little lamb realizes his wool can keep the baby warm, so he cuddles up to the baby, who then stops crying. The mother thanks the little lamb for taking care of God's son Jesus. The little lamb finally realizes that God had a grand purpose for the problems that left him at that stable.

I did not know what this story was about before I read it to my baby. It seems like possibly the most appopriate and powerful first story a soul, a new life can hear!

God bless my friends!

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Anonymous said...

I bet "Baby Fetus" went to sleep with a big smile on its little face.. Well done daddy..well done...And GREAT story!!