Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Remembering Childhood Joys

So yesterday I decided to try riding my new bike to school. Yes, I know I'm almost 29 years old but I'm trying to be more environmentally and health conscious. Our new apartment is 8 miles from campus. Coming to campus in the morning was nice for the first 5 miles until I reached what I'm dubbing "The Hill" which is a good, steep half-mile rise from the Raccoon River Valley up to the Windsor Heights neighborhood where the school is located. Being out-of-shape I had to walk my bike up the second half of the hill, but I made it to school and felt great! What I really enjoyed though was the ride home.

Remember being a kid riding around your neighborhood? I'm sure all of you had 'that hill' that you never wanted to go up, but you loved going down. That's what I re-experienced yesterday for the first time in years... that long, fast descent with the cool breeze, no cars. Beautiful!

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