Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Seminal Moment

Today I am prouder of my country than I have ever been before. I have always loved the United States of America, but today I understand why. We have peacefully transferred power to a freely and democratically elected leader. We have elected the son of an African immigrant and Kansas farm girl. We have elected a leader who has already demonstrated an unprecedented openness and ability to communicate with the electorate by bridging old-fashioned oratory and modern-age technology. We have placed a man into an oval office that only a scant few decades ago he would only have been allowed to clean. Glass ceilings, racial and social barriers, and class inequalities still exist in our perfectable union. Today though we have been made more perfect, and most certainly the States of America are more united! There will be triumphs and tragedies during this administration, victories and defeats. But when a 45th American becomes president in the years to come, I believe there will be a collectively renewed American soul. May God bless Barack Obama. May God bless his family and administration. May God Bless America!

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