Saturday, January 5, 2008

Iowa Caucuses 2008!

So Thursday night, 1/3/08 was simply amazing, at least for me being the political junkie that I am. I was able not only to participate in the Iowa Caucuses, but so much more...

First off, you can see videos and pictures of my Caucus experience at:

So, my caucus precinct location was a high school cafeteria not far from our apartment. The turnout there was 471 which was more than double the previous record turnout for this precinct. Our precinct includes a prominent neighborhood and the Governor's mansion, so Iowa Governor Chet Culver and Attorney General Tom Miller were both there and I got to meet Mr. Miller and chat with him for awhile. Governor Culver even stepped in at one point to calm down one caucus-goer regarding the rules of the caucus. I was also interviewed by a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times, although I don't think I made any articles.

Ultimately though, I think I may have been a part of history! I am a Barack Obama supporter and our precinct went 60% for Obama (He won the state with 38%). His victory speech in Iowa was so very inspiring! I encourage you to listen to it if you haven't already at:
I stood among this packed crowd of people chanting for Obama and saw Clinton and Edwards supporters looking very dejected. It simply was an amazing experience, and somehow I ended up becoming one of the Obama delegates to the county convention where the final votes actually happen. Wow! Wow! Wow!

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ATF said...

Nice work fellow Obama supporter! I too had a great experience...see my blog for details.