Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Routine

It is 9:30am on a Wednesday. I am in the library just now beginning to study for my Microbiology exam on Friday. 2 days to learn somewhere between 50 bacteria and viruses, what disease they cause, how they cause it, etc. It would appear that I am the epitome of procrastination but for once in my life... I'm the norm...

You see, it is 9:30am on Wednesday. At 8:30am I finished a Physiology exam that I had studied for since last Wednesday's Microbiology exam (a week between exams was a luxury and I did do some skimming of Micro last week). So 8:30am-9:30am was my reflecting period on the Phys exam, and now begins my focus (post-blogging of course) on Micro. That makes me normal because all these other 1st year med students sitting around me are doing the exact same thing. I can guarantee none of us touched Micro this week until now, and now none of us will touch any other class until Friday morning at 9:30 when Micro is over.

That is the routine. The beauty that I'm regaining consciousness of is that God has given us the ability to make the routine work. Those who choose to balance the routine with school/work, life, family, faith are able to succeed in this environment as much as those whose rent checks might as well go to the Library. That has to be God!

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