Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl & Superbugs

So Superbowl Sunday has arrived and it looks so much different than normal. As opposed to years past, the 'Big Game' will not be the focal point of my day. In fact, it is almost more of a nuisance. Here's why...

Don't get me wrong! My man card is still intact, as indicated by the outfit I intend to have our baby wear to next year's Superbowl, and I still desperately want to see the game, the commercials, the L'il Smokies sausages, etc. But here's the deal. I have a Microbiology exam Monday morning at 8am... yes, an exam on Monday at 8am...

So my Superbowl Sunday started at 6:30am... with studying. 2 hours of gastro-intestinal diseases like Hepatitis, Botulism, and all sorts of diarrhea. Now a quick blog before going home and picking up Katrina for church. Ahhh, church! My respite of joy for the day! And after church? Back to studying for several hours. Then the game at our friend's house, or at least part of it (probably all of it, because my man card will be revoked if I miss NFL history). And then a bit more studying before bed. And then up at 6am on Monday for some last minute review before the exam.

Just a glimpse into how life changes in Med School. I could have spent more time studying this stuff throughout last week, but that doesn't work for me. The good news is that I spent quite a bit of time with Katrina and working on other personal stuff. I also got to watch the Democratic Debate Thursday night. Ultimately there is still plenty of balance in my life and I'm thankful to God for giving me that! He's also given me some additional opportunities to challenge myself. More to come on that!

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