Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Beautiful Face

This afternoon Katrina and I had the amazing privilege of seeing our baby's face for the first time at our 20 week ultrasound (pics below). We held each other's hand, shed a tear or two, smiled a whole lot, and both tried to decipher as much of the images on our own as we could, still relying a lot on the technician to point out various organs, bones, etc. We also kept true to our desire to not find out the sex of the baby officially. This was a very unique experience for me because I tried so hard to only view the ultrasound through the eyes of an expectant father and not as a medical student. I guess that is the challenge I will face the rest of my life... to take the physician glasses off when necessary. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures by clicking below!


Brian Taylor said...

That profile picture is great! What a cute kid you guys are having! Many congradulations!!!

Lainie said...

Wow- the picture of the baby's face is amazing!! I've never seen an ultrasound pic like that before. How exciting!

Maram said...

Congratulations, you two!!! What a beautiful & miraculous creation:-)