Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unfortunate Reality Check - Islamophobia

Please take a moment to watch the video linked below. It is a several minute clip from ABC’s newsmagazine ‘PrimeTime’. We all need to examine ourselves for how we feel about Muslims and the Islam faith. This video was both saddening and uplifting to see both responses, definitely uplifting to see those who supported this woman. I was most deeply touched by the father of an Iraq soldier who came to this woman’s aid.


Christianity has had a tendency to isolate and allow this type of discrimination to occur both within and outside the church. This is definitely not Christ-like and not the teachings of the Jesus that is my savior. While I and other Christians know the importance of faith in Jesus Christ, we must ensure that Christ-like values of grace and love are shown to the world and not anti-muslim, anti-gay, anti-whatever. Just a little reality check amidst our deep engrossment in the chaos of all our lives.

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